Co-location in Central London

Within walking distance from Liverpool Street Station and the Barbican tube stop, offering 100% Uptime SLA with one of the best connected datacentres in the UK - this is one of the best places to choose for co-location (...which is why we're there, of course.)
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Co-location in Central London provides you with the ultimate connectivity, with 20+ diverse entry points and over 25 carriers on-site. With two separate diverse power rings, our datacentre of choice (Volta Datacentre) is one of the most power-resilient data centres in the UK.

  • First month FREE*
  • FREE 10gig port as standard
  • Unlimited bandwidth as standard
  • Your own range of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as standard
  • Range of space / sizes and power consumption packages to suit your need
  • 24/7 access and remote hands services
  • We can provide a fully monitored service for you
  • Much, much more...

World class facilities

Our own network is growing fast and well connected, however, as a co-location client you'll have access to 20+ diverse entry points and over 25 carriers on-site. For our co-location clients we strongly believe in offering a complete freedom of choice, enabling you to co-locate with confidence.


100% Uptime

Currently we have a prime presence in Volta Datacentre in Central London. With one of the key offerings being 100% availability, Volta are able to offer 100% Uptime SLAs as the only Datacentre in London to boast two wholly owned and dedicated onsite 33kV transformers.


24/7 Access and Support

We know that maintenance isn't done during "business hours", and we also know that if/when something goes wrong, it doesn't matter what time it is - you need to get it fixed fast. As standard we offer 24/7 Access & Support; if our engineers are on-site (which they often are) we also offer free remote hands services.

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