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DataLords' roots go back to 2001. Our founders' first technical role was working for one of the first commercial Internet Service Providers in the UK, which provided both a rapid education on “how” the Internet worked, alongside practical experience of great customer service in action. This meant we were left with a key understanding of what was required to build a great Internet company today.

Over the following two decades, we continued to grow the hosting company, but the web design and marketing business took over… after nearly 20 years, and with continual frustration that no one hosting partner seemed to provide exactly what we needed for the agency… we decided to knuckle down and design our own hosting company from the ground up.

Our Mission

Most hosting platforms, from the small ‘DIY' hosting platforms to the larger companies – generally utilise off the shelf software that's designed to host hundreds if not thousands of sites on a single server. That server might well be a culmination of multiple physical servers, but it's still a single server tasked with handling hundreds or thousands of people.

The problem with this is, no matter how good the operating system and software, at some point, when that server is busy… your (or your client's) website will slow down.

We simply don't accept that a website should slow down; certainly for larger sites and very busy sites we ackowledge there will always be a performance hit - but the principle of a site slowing down because of the impact of shared hosting is what we're combatting with our platform. We want your website to always be as fast as it can possibly be, all the time. This is best achieved simply by providing each website with its own dedicated resources, rather than stacking hundreds of accounts in a single machine.

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